Flyfishing in Australia and New Zealand

Passionate about flyfishing?  I totally understand. I am too.

There is nothing like exploring new waters and spending hours chasing those elusive fish.

But if you are traveling to new locations there is a big consideration – it’s called “Local Knowledge”.  

Its that understanding that you develop when you spend time on the water and finally crack the code as to what works.  Season, fish movement, temperature and all the many factors that influence how successful you may be while waving the long wand. 

The problem is that it isn’t something you can attain quickly.

Your research on a new fishing destination is probably very extensive but nothing is better than discussing your plans with a local. Particularly as it isn’t biased and is focused on ensuring you have the right information to plan a trip with a reasonable chance of being successful.

Am I a flyfishing guide?  Is this a paid service?  The simple answer is No!

No I leave that to those who are experienced in a specific region and have all the right equipment to get you fishing.   However I do depend on guides and I am very careful in selecting those whom to recommend to you.  After all their performance reflects back on me. 

I want you to leave downunder with a huge smile and many stories to tell.

So please explore this website as it may assist in making your next flyfishing trip one to remember.

And of course I offer a few other things, so please go have a look around.