Australia, affectionately known as Downunder is where we live. If you are visiting for the first time there are a few things you should consider, after all it’s such a long way from everywhere else in the world and if you are traveling so far then you need to make the most of the time you have available. So please ask away. You can only benefit.

And that is how we can help you the best.

You’ll see from the above map that Australia is an island continent and believe it or not, it’s about the same size as North America. So try to be realistic about what you’d like to see during your time available and remember there is so much more to see than the big cities (and they aren’t that big compared against some international cities).

Oh yes and then there is New Zealand our little brother in the Tasman.

New Zealand has incredible flyfishing in the salt and freshwater. But renowned for its huge population of Trout. A worthwhile stopover on the way to Oz as it shortens the trip if you are coming from the USA.

So where are we based?

Well find the spot north of Brisbane and a tad below Noosa. That’s the Sunshine Coast and its where Flyfish Downunder calls home. A bit like California I guess but far less crowded. And we have world class Tuna fishing close off shore at certain times of the year along with many other species at other times (have you heard about the Saratoga?)

Now where do we find most of our visitors going in Australia? Well probably due to the publicity they invariably end up in Sydney then up at Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef and perhaps out to Ayers Rock (the real name is actually ULURU).

Seeing these three locations in one trip would take a lot of travel and about eight days if you had a couple of days in each location.

And there is so much more to be seen!!!

If you are looking for the absolute best saltwater flyfishing in the world then look no further than Cape York. Have a read of our Cape York information as it is as good as we say. To get there you need to fly out of Cairns on a short flight to Weipa. Allow half a day there and return so plan on a minimum of 2 days to experience Cape York.

BUT believe me it’s a trip of a lifetime. 50 species on fly over a week is achievable.

There is so much to tell you but it can’t be covered all here. Our strongest recommendation is to contact us early as possible when you are planning your trip downunder.

Map of Australia

In land area, Australia is estimated to be 7,692,024 square Kilometres and the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil. It has, however, a relatively small population (currently 22.32 Million).

Australia is a larger country than many people believe. To travel from the easternmost point of Australia, Cape Byron in New South Wales, to the westernmost point of Australia, Steep Point in Western Australia, you would have to travel 4100 kilometres (km). To travel from the northernmost point of the country, Cape York in Queensland, to the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria, you would have to travel 3180 km.

So what does this mean to you traveling from far and wide?

Well firstly it will take some time to fly here (around 16 hours LA to Sydney). So try to plan a decent break.

Most of our visitors travel all that way to see Sydney and while it is a lovely city there is simply so much more of Australia to experience.

One common error of judgment is to expect to spend time in Sydney, go see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and visit the Great Barrier Reef. To give you some idea of this itinerary if you planned to spend one day in each location:

  • Fly LA to Sydney - 16 hours
  • Day 1 - Tour Sydney
  • Day 2 - Fly to Alice Springs (allow 6 hrs flight/travel time), travel 500 km to Uluru (maybe a day tour) so this leg will take up 2 days
  • Day 4 - Fly to Cairns (allow 4 hrs flight/travel time). Visit the reef (probably two days also to allow for travel time)
  • Day 6 - Maybe a visit to The Cairns surrounds?

I know we have been repetitive here but we do want you to have the best possible down under experience.

Hope you get the idea? Try to be realistic with your travel expectations.

If you are planning to fly fish then I suggest you speak to Lou before making plans. Time of year, weather, and available time are all considerations that are best addressed by talking to a local.

BUT …It’s totally worth it! We have a wonderful country and an easy going laid back outlook on life so please plan a good vacation and come see what Australia really is.